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LED Conversions

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    Exposure Enterprises is on a mission to give American businesses brighter futures. By converting lighting systems with advanced, energy-saving technologies, we make it easy to save money and become more profitable. For projects large and small, our turnkey design, installation, and warranty services deliver an average energy cost savings of 50% to 75%, extensive maintenance reductions.

    Our unique Brighter America Initiative focuses on supporting small to large businesses by making the LED conversion process simple. Businesses are what drive our economy and provide jobs; by helping businesses save money and create safer, more appealing workspaces, we help build a better, brighter future!

    Incandescent and other traditional forms of light have been a part of our lives for over a century but are inefficient and expensive to use. LED Bulbs look and light like the traditional bulbs you use today, but work better, pay for themselves and then pay you for years to come. 

    Switching to LED lighting makes more sense now than ever.

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